Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) with either husband's or donor's sperm is being carried out in an increasing number of units for the management of infertile couples. It is a first line assisted conception method, which is least invasive, cost effective, and easy to learn. IUI in the current decade is a widely practiced and accepted method with proper case selection.

                            MICRO INCUBATOR


Being first step in ART, IUI requires three rooms. Andrology Laboratory, Semen Collection Room and IUI Transfer Room. IUI transfer can be done in any routine OT. The room can be 100-130 sq ft and may be air conditioned. Your existing pathologist or technician can be trained for Semen Preparation and Analysis.


The Setup:

The clinic should have Ultrasound Facility. An Andrology lab requires.

  • Galaxy Micro CO2 Incubator.
  • Sperm Meter or Makler Chamber.
  • Supraclean Andrology Workstation.
  • Magnus Binocular Microscope.
  • Spermfuge for Sperm Centrifugation.
  • Sperm Function Test Kit
  • Disposables and Culture Media.


Opportunities and Success.

IUI and Andrology help gynecologists and clinics / hospitals to enter the field of ART. The rationale of IUI is to reduce the effect of factors such as Vaginal Acidity and Cervical Mucus Hostility. Also, IUI promises easy entry in ART and allows clinics to explore viability of IVF and ICSI programmes.